Tsavorite cushion with a deep vivid color. Weight: 0.65 carats Size: cushion Dimensions: 0.48 x 6 mm This gem is of very good quality, especially by its very green color. Grossular green garnet from Taïta mines.

Tanzanite - blue/purple Zoïsite. Weight: 0,95 carats Size: 6x6,5x4,2 mm Coupe: trillon Clarté: VVS ICA certificat (International Coloured Gemstone Associaton).

Natural Zoïsite, not heated. Weight: 0,78 carats. Size: 7,70 x 5,71 x 3,42 mm

Tsavorite - Grossular green garnet Weight: 0,86 carats Size: 6,55 x 6,30 x 6,30 mm

Gems hole in Taïta hills around Mwatate.

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